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How To Effectively Use An Autoresponder

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First of all let's define what an autoresponder is and what is does.

An autoresponder is a feature that allows you to generate automatic customized responses whenever a specific e-mail address receives an e-mail.

Typically, this feature is used by people when they are away, notifying the sender of an e-mail that the recipient is away and will be back on a specified date.

Alternatively, it can be used as a business tool to send specific responses with information, such as pricing information if a customer sends an e-mail to a specific address, i.e.

Here's 10 effective ways you can use an autoresponder to improve your time management and increase sales.

1. Collect names and email addresses. I use an autoresponder on my website sign up form to capture customer information for follow-up with my weekly newsletter

2. Publish a price list of all the products and services that you offer. You could also include order forms, product descriptions, and other sales material. This is great way to keep people up to date on what you sell.

3. Use it for training. When a new person joins me in a program I am in I follow-up with them with my autoresponder which contains a series of short messages designed to answer questions about the program as well as give them my contact information if they have any questions.

4. Give away free reports. This is a great way to capture your prospects name and email address for future follow-up as well as pre-sell your product, program or service for future sales.

5. Use an autoresponder for frequently asked questions-FAQ's. Save yourself time and money by putting those questions and your answers in an autoresponder format to respond to your customer.

6. Put testimonials from people you are doing business with now in an autoresponder and let people read them at their leisure. Everyone likes to read what satisfied customers have to say.

7. How about putting your entire website in an autoresponder. As people surf the web after a couple of hours they don't remember every website they have been on. By emailing different pages of your website over a period of time they can learn about you as well as come back to your website for future reference without having to find it or bookmark it.

8. If you publish an eBook put the different chapters or excerpts in your autoresponder. This will allow your customer to download the eBook or just to read it as an email when you send chapter by chapter over a period of time.

9. Do you archive issues of your ezine? If so put some of the best ones in an autoresponder an let your prospects and customers access them through your autoresponder. This is a great way to catch people up on your ezine as well as build relationships over a period of time.

10. Use your autoresponder for anything you can think of to keep in touch with people an a business and personal way. We have used ours for Christmas lists, when our best friend was dying of cancer, to train people on a product, to give updates on our kids, and many more ways.

To summarize let me say this. Get yourself a quality autoresponder and use it. I personally feel 2 of the best are Aweber and GetResponse.

They are reliable and and easy to use. It is a tremendous way to save time and build relationships over a period of time. There are very few things I will spend money on to build my business, but a good autoresponder is at the top of the list.

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