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It Ain't Going To Happen!

Copyright 2005 Robert Teske

Are YOU still trying to succeed online without an AutoResponder and Mailing List Manager? It's NOT going to happen!

Your #1 online success tool is a mailing list manager. If you don't have one you are NEVER going to succeed online. Here's why.

A List Manager is a handy piece of software, which enables you, at the press of a single button, to deliver a message to every single person on any given list. The List Manager is important because the list it delivers messages to is important. Indeed, I'll go so far as to say: the business is your list, the list is your business.

Companies, which are making money online, are making money because they're 1) building their crucial email list and 2) using an autoresponder to deliver regular messages to it.

What can these messages be?

- A company newsletter
- Information about products and services and usage information, so that customers get more value from what they buy
- Specials, sales, offers, discount coupons, etc.

In short, the Mailing List Manager and AutoResponder enables you to run the most customer- centered business imaginable, keeping your vital information in front of prospects in ways impossible in the "real world" and for a trifling cost.

When you've got a Mailing List Manager and AutoResponder, you're able to wake up in the morning with a dandy idea for motivating your prospects, sit down at your computer and write your client-centered message (or reuse a message that has worked for you in the past), and, by hitting a single button, get that message out IMMEDIATELY to every single person on your list. Want to update prospects in the afternoon? No problem! Create another message and send it out to your list! Your prospects will have it in minutes!

Is this Spam? CERTAINLY NOT! A List Manager serves a SUBSCRIPTION list! People need to request to be on your mailing list. It's easy to add them -- or they can add themselves. It's equally easy to delete them if they don't want to be on your list anymore, so you're NEVER spamming anyone!

When you're using a List Manager, you've got your #1 Profit Tool for connecting with prospects, bringing vital information to their attention when YOU like, both sending it with your List Manager and directing them to whatever area of your website you want them to see.

Speaking personally, the apt use of List Managers is what has turned many of our subsidiary companies from a back bedroom enterprises into a multi-digit figure operations.

Let me make myself perfectly clear: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A MAILING LIST MANAGER AND AUTORESPONDER, YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO SUCCEED ONLINE; List Managers and AutoResponders are THAT important!

There are many great and new AutoResponder Services offering UNLIMITED LIST MANAGERS and AUTORESPONDERS for a very reasonable monthly fees. You will be doing yourself a great injustice if you don't even take the time to investigate these services.

With your List Manager, you'll finally begin to capitalize on the incredible economies and speed of online business. What are you waiting for?

About the author:
Robert K. Teske is the President and CEO of Teske Enterprises & Subsidiaries, and Founder of the TesCommPro AutoResponder Systems and Services, as well as the Hostmaster at the Area51 Domain Hosting Services; both of which can be found at: http://www.tescomm.comand http://www.area51-domain-hosting-services.comFor personal assistance, with "I want a List Manager" in the subject, along with your name, company, and phone number.

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