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The Elusive Autoresponder Will Your Business Die Without One?

Yes, it very well could die an extremely slow death. Did you know that it takes the average buyer 7 exposures to your offer before they will make a purchase.

Just think, if you have a measly 100 responses to your offer in a weeks time that would be 700 letters that you would have to write. I don't know about you but even if I copy and paste just personalizing with the prospects name it would take me forever just to respond to the to the initial inquiry not to mention the 7 or more follow ups it could take to make the sale.

Do you really want to spend your valuable time responding to each prospect individually when it could all be done more quickly and efficiently for you with an autoresponder?

First what exactly is an autoresponder ?

Autoresponders are an automated email system that you set up on your website or that are hosted on another site called a remote server.

What can an autoresponder do?

Well, once you get your autoresponder set up it's like having a sales person that knows all your prospects by name, never sleeps, eats and works just for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even holidays!

Imagine this, a prospect sees your ad, comes to your site, they click they look they leave and there goes any hope of a sale with them.

Now imagine they see your ad they click on your offer but this time you give them the opportunity to sign up for a free report, product updates or even your newsletter. Anything to gently coax them into giving you their email address.

This is when your autoresponder goes to work for you. Everything is in place you have it all set up. The first thing it does is send your initial offer, free report, product update, article whichever your case may be. Then in a day or two it sends a follow up and a few days after that it pops out another offer maybe for a back end product or an affiliate program your promoting.

Are you beginning to see the magic?

The real value in saving time and making money with autoresponders comes from knowing exactly how, where and when to apply them. But there is a difference between using them and using them effectively, for maximum profit.

Where can you get an autoresponder?

There are a lot of choices. First you need to decide what type of autoresponder will meet your needs.

Basically there are two kinds of autoresponder. One that is hosted on a remote server and one that you host on your server.

Remotely hosted servers such as,, and have many benefits. Some offer free autoresponders with a string or two such as placing an ad in your message. They can cost anywhere from $9.95 to $40.00 + per month. Depending on your needs.

If your technically inclined or know someone who is there are many places that offer free autoresponder scripts that you install on your own server like

What do you put in an autoresponder?

Lets say someone makes a purchase you can send a thank you letter with download instructions or shipping information.

You can send follow up letters perfectly timed to insure customer satisfaction. Don't forget to slip in a brief note about new products and upgrades.

You can offer a subscription to your newsletter or for product updates and future specials.

A free report, ecourses or a series of articles that catches their attention. Now that you have their email address you can lead them gently through a series of well crafted messages straight to your order form.

These are just a few of the uses for autoresponders there are many more. If you are intresed in learning more you can get a fantastic 2 part vidieo seminar by signing up for a free autoresponder account at:

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