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That little thumb just like a pacifier or "blankie" is a source of great security at an age when things start to get a little hairy. Your tot is beginning to venture away from you as she explores the world and tests her growing independence. And like all sources of comfort, her thumb comes in especially handy when she's feeling stressed, pooped, or just out of sorts.

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Discover why your child sucks her thumb -- and what you should and shouldn't do about this toddler habit. We all have our ways to relax. While yours might be reading a good book or soaking in a warm bath, young kids have different ways of unwinding.

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Special Offers. As parents, we have a myriad of concerns when it comes to our kids. We want our children to grow up healthy without developing any habits that would jeopardize their proper development.

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Thumb sucking is a behavior found in humans, chimpanzeescaptive ring-tailed lemurs[1] and other primates. It can also be accomplished with any organ within reach such as other fingers and toes and is considered to be soothing and therapeutic for the person. As a child develops the habit, it will usually develop a "favorite" finger to suck on.

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Jump to navigation. This review has been produced to assess the effects of interventions to stop sucking habits in children, which are not linked to food. Important considerations are: which treatment or combination of treatments work most effectively, when should treatment be started, what is the optimum length of time for the intervention and what causes least upset to children and their parents?

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Verified by Psychology Today. Resolution, Not Conflict. What helps kids to cease sucking their fingers or thumbs?

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Get that thumb out of your mouth. Can you picture it? Maybe you have even done it.

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Many articles on this subject focus on talking to your child and offering positive reinforcement, but most toddlers are not interested giving up a constant source of pleasure. If you wait too long to stop the thumb and finger sucking, your child can have permanent changes to their jaw shape, bite, and teeth. Speech can also be affected, and many thumb suckers will need speech therapy. By age years, many thumb and finger sucking children have a gap between their upper and lower teeth and their jaw development has changed, often causing problems with speech.

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Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Made of Lycra, this material breathes and is safe. Recommended for children ages who want to stop sucking their thumb but need a little reminder at times.

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Thumb sucking can be a difficult habit for a child to break. Understand what you can do to help your child stop sucking his or her thumb. Thumb sucking is a common habit among children. At some point, though, you might think, "Enough is enough.


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